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Amazing Pain Relief Results


"I have had problems with my neck for many months, with it getting worse and worse. I knew medication was a bad idea, cause that is a one way road. In desperation, I finally decided to try acupuncture, even though I was skeptical. I have been amazed at the results and now it's a regular therapy for me. I encourage anyone with persistent pain problems to give this a try! Thank you Dr. Panchal!!" – Michael Myers

Knowledgeable & Caring Acupuncturist


"Jignesh is a very professional, spiritual, caring and excellent acupuncturist and doctor of natural medicine. I have been going to him weekly for several years and always enjoy the treatments, feel much better and balanced after the visit. I highly recommend Jignesh Panchal, A.P., D.O.M. to anyone looking for a natural healing professional with great knowledge in his field." - Sincerely, Mark Cunningham

Weight Loss, Health Improvement


"Jignesh has been so valuable to help me clear stress and help my metabolism get started and lose some weight. He is always listening to what is going on with me and patiently offers suggestions to improve my health and life practices. I always feel better after spending time with him." - Anni K.


Best Acupuncturist in Orlando


"I'm a 39 year old marathon runner & tri-athlete. I stay very active and I believe in preventing injury by regular maintenance visits to an acupuncturist. I go not only to help prevent injury but also to help improve my overall performance. I need every edge I can get to help my endurance and my speed. Jignesh is awesome. He listens and recommends holistic products for training and a plan for race day. He is probably one of the biggest reason in the year I have been seeing him that  I have not been injured or sick. My energy and my focus has improved greatly. If you train as hard as I do everyday, I recommend Orlando Holistic Acupuncture as the best alternative medical acupuncturist in the Orlando and Winter Park area. Thanks Jignesh!" - Jeremy Wood

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