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Acupuncture Weight Loss in Orlando

If you’re like many people in the Orlando area, you might be struggling with your weight. While eating right and exercising should always be the first two courses of action that you take, there’s a third option that more and more people are catching onto in Orlando: acupuncture therapy. Winter Park, Maitland, and Orlando acupuncture treatment centers are springing up everywhere, and Jignesh Panchal, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, couldn’t be more excited about this fact!

Acupuncture weight loss starts by tapping into the body’s meridians. Meridians are areas of the body where energy flows. These are important points of contact that your acupuncture therapist will locate and work with. Bad energy can be released while positive energy can be effectively directed.

Acupuncture Therapy & Obesity Hormones

As your acupuncture therapist works with these meridians in the body, he/she also works with the body’s obesity hormones. Many people who seek out Chinese acupuncture and holistic medicine struggle with obesity. Despite dieting attempts and good exercise regimens, many find it impossible to overcome obesity.

By working with the “hunger” hormones ghrelin and leptin, Jignesh can use acupuncture and holistic techniques to increase the ghrelin hormone and decrease the leptin hormone, which in turn rebalances hunger stimulation and fat storage/metabolism.

Wishing you the best of health,

Jignesh Panchal

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